How Is A Nativity Scene Still Something Seen In Public Schools?

With the religious tone surrounding many holidays, the classroom, or school site, shouldn’t be a place for celebration. People from all walks of life, with varying degrees of beliefs, funnel into a classroom they’re assigned. Surely, if parents could pair their student with a teacher sharing an identical ideology, they would; however, the public school system doesn’t offer such a luxury. 

Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Hanukkah, and all the other ways of spreading cheer throughout the year won’t work in today’s age, not with a wide range of customs crossing each classroom’s threshold. Regardless of how age-old a particular school’s practice may be, the vocal minority—even if only one—will, and should, unravel all that has been done, such as a living nativity scene at an Oklahoma elementary school.

According to News 9, the Edmond Public Schools attorney received a letter in relation to an annual Christmas program, a third-grade play spanning the past three decades. 

The letter—penned by Chris Line, the attorney for the Freedom of Religion Foundation—stated, “This is religious instruction in public school basically what’s going on.” Line also added that the foundation successfully sued a district in Indiana for a similar complaint.

Of course, the district pulled some strings on the holiday program, altering the third-grade performance like a master puppeteer. As they should.

Aside from several parents feeling devastated about the change to the program—though none would share their concerns in front of a News 9 lens—these same families would direct a lynch mob toward the district’s leaders when something they held near and dear was lessened. 

Read the original story from News 9:

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