Richfield High School Students Are Denied Lunch

No soup for you!

As a character on the infamous sitcom, Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi boiled several chuckles to the surface from viewers after denying customers their order, but approximately forty high school students in Minnesota, as reported by KARE 11, were left in a heated rage when a staff member filed their hot lunch in the trash can and exchanged them for a cold alternative. 

Apparently, students at Richfield High School with a negative balance on their meal ticket were denied a hot lunch upon reaching the register. The lunch lady decided to play the part of judge, jury, and executioner, throwing the lunches away and replacing them with a much less desirable substitute. 

Richfield Public Schools Superintendent, Steven Unowsky, and Richfield High School Principal, Latanya Daniels, both denounced the decision-making of the employee in quotes to KARE 11.

Though the Richfield School District anticipates to cover a total of $20,000 in unpaid lunch bills, the answer isn’t a reactive bombardment upon the students. Instead, a more proactive approach, as outlined by Unowsky, should have been implemented. The steps include: allowing students who reach the register with a lunch, regardless of their debt, to eat it; communicating privately with students and parents to rectify the issue and ensure a level of care; and notifying students of their lacking lunch funds—of course, privately—before entering line.

Schools aren’t soup kitchens, but they are also institutions that should never turn away their clientele.

Read the original story from KARE 11:

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