Washington High School Teacher Threatens to Shoot Students

A fifty-eight-year-old teacher at Emerald Ridge High School threatened to shoot students while off campus, as reported by KIRO 7.

The adults who overheard the teacher’s threats reported what she said to district officials. Pierce County Sheriff’s were able to make contact with the disgruntled teacher before the next day of school, thereby verifying her violent threat.

Parents, justifiably so, were outraged over the lack of communication from the Puyallup School District about the incident. One parent named in KIRO 7’s story, Kristen Griffin, shared her frustration about receiving no notification from the school or district until after seeing what occurred on a news broadcast. 

With the ease of delivering mass communication and shedding light on such a serious matter—either via a recorded message dispersed by phone or an email—it defies logic why parents were kept in the dark.

Eventually, the Puyallup School District issued the following statement:

“The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation of an Emerald Ridge High School staff member who made threats against students during a conversation with adults off campus on Tuesday. The normal protocol for threats was followed including immediate notification of law enforcement. The staff member was not at school today. Making threats against the safety of students and staff is a felony crime and taken very seriously by Puyallup School District.” 

Read the original story from KIRO 7: https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/emerald-ridge-high-school-teacher-made-threats-to-shoot-students-deputies-say/1008245961.

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