School District In Ohio Hires A Resource Officer

Although teachers and school staffers do all they can to ensure students’ safety, there is only so much that can be done, especially in the grips of a serious threat, when they are only armed with knowledge. 

Brookfield School District in Ohio, as detailed by WKBN 27, has hired a resource officer to patrol the elementary, middle, and high school for the remainder of the year. 

Although some students and families across the country may view a police presence on campus as a form of intimidation, even urging their districts to eradicate officers from the schools, there seems to be a tremendous amount of value for supplying someone that will run toward any danger, instead of merely manning a lockdown. 

For the Brookfield School District, the cost of such a service has a price tag of $34,457 attached, which falls under the state’s “student and success funding.” 

Though the contract concludes at the close of the 2019-2020 school year, the Brookfield Superintendent, Tony Gibson, and Police Chief, Dan Faustino, are collaborating to make a resource office a long-term position.

Read the original story from WKBN 27:

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