Colorado Teacher Assigns the Poem “Howl” and Parents Growl

The days of appropriate language in school—at least in the view of one Colorado teacher—are dead.

In a report from Fox News, Ryan Ayala, a teacher at Steamboat Springs High School, is experiencing considerable backlash—rightfully so—after assigning students work and discussions with the poem “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg—a curse-laden piece of literature.

For some reason, the poem was in a book approved by the school board, though the offensive language was censored. Ayala, in a flash of failed judgment, decided an excellent learning opportunity for students would be to replace the censored portions of the poem with the missing explicit language.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ginsberg’s poem, which was published in 1956, click the link (here) to gauge the appropriateness for yourself.

Parents, as a majority would, were astonished at the words and phrases their children were asked to engage with, such as “fucked in the ass,” “cunt,” and a wide range of others. 

Somehow, the district only perceives Ayala’s decision-making as a mere mistake. Steamboat School District’s superintendent, Brad Meeks, noted in a statement, “We do believe that what occurred this fall was simply an oversight as a result of not understanding the policy. We regret if members of our community were offended.”

Rather than detracting blame from the teacher’s gross misconduct, Meeks should have quoted Edgar Allen Poe in “The Raven”: Nevermore!

Read the original story at Fox News:

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