Maryland Teacher Attacks Student In Class

Vivian Noirie, a high school teacher in Maryland, has been arrested for child abuse and second-degree assault after violently attacking one of her students in the middle of class.

According to the New York Post, Noirie had contacted the parents of the student in question the previous evening. Apparently, the student confronted Noirie about the situation, stepped on her teacher’s foot, and bumped her with a shoulder, which caused the adult in charge of the classroom to lose her cool. As the video from the incident shows, Noirie exploded on the student with a barrage of strikes—many of which were to the back—before throwing the teen to the floor and kicking her several times.

Following the separation of teacher and pupil, the student then grabbed Noirie from behind and unloaded several strikes before the pandemonium was broken up again.

In addition to Noirie receiving charges for her misconduct, detectives are also looking to charge the student for her part in the altercation.

Read the original story from the New York Post:

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