South Carolina School Segregates Students Based On Gender

A locker room for P.E. seems like a reasonable place to separate boys from girls, but when it comes to education surrounding leadership and character development, there shouldn’t be any lines in the sand differentiating gender.

WACH FOX 57 reported that Pickens Elementary School in South Carolina chose to recently host different events for boys and girls. 

Boys were expected to dress professionally—wearing collared shirt with ties—and listened to influential men from the community. The event for the boys was titled a “summit.”

Girls, on the other hand, collaborated with cheerleaders from the local high school to discuss how to work together to make others shine. The girls’ event was titled a “retreat,” and they were instructed to wear T-shirts.

Without much surprise, everyone who didn’t have a voice in curating such a stereotyped activity let it be known on social media how inappropriate the decision-making of the school’s staff was, going as far—justifiably so—as accusing them of sexism.

The district has since apologized. A statement says the events weren’t meant to send a message that students should display traits or pursue goals based on their gender.

In this day-and-age, it seems any event dividing boys and girls—even Father-Daughter dances and Mother-Son nights—should be closely examined by school and district leaders.

Read the original story from WACH FOX 57:

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