A Graveyard Discovered On A Florida Schoolyard

It’s not uncommon for parents or students to have a bone to pick with their school. On the contrary, it’s extremely out of the ordinary for a school to pick a graveyard’s worth of bones from its campus. 

Clarence Leon King High School in Tampa, Florida, according to WYFF 4, became a gateway to our past when 145 coffins were discovered using ground penetrating radar. 

The school’s officials speculate the caskets are connected with a portion of Ridgewood Cemetery, a burial ground owned by the city in the early 1940s. The coffins are approximately three to five feet deep and located near a building used by the school’s agricultural program. 

“The radar, by itself, cannot tell exactly what is under the surface. However, the pattern of the findings matches with historical records of a one-acre cemetery on the site,” the district shared in a statement.

As stated by the school district: there could be more than 250 people, primarily African Americans, buried in the area that has been fenced off for approximately a month. 

Once the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner and the state’s archeologists have surveyed the site, they’ll decide whether to seize control of the land or return it to the school district. 

Read the original story from WYFF 4 at: https://www.wyff4.com/article/145-graves-from-historic-cemetery-discovered-at-a-florida-high-school/29866988.

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