A Crossing Guard In Connecticut Was Hit With A Left and Right Cross

A crossing guard at Mary R. Fisher Elementary School in Thompson, Connecticut had to keep his guard up when a parent began pummeling him after his patience wore thin. 

Jason Beshaw, the father accused of beating the elderly crossing guard, Rocky Navarro, had places to go after dropping off his child at school on Monday morning. As detailed at NBC Connecticut, Beshaw refused to wait his turn in traffic and maneuvered an ill-advised around the line. Navarro, worried about the children’s safety, attempted to stop Beshaw.

Navarro recalled the incident with the news agency, “He gave me the bird and then he turns his wheel and he starts coming the other way. And I say, he’s going to hit the kids. So I moved. He clipped my leg and I ended up on the hood of his car. I was afraid I was going to slide off the hood of the car and land in front of the car. He come out of the car. He comes as he grabs me, pops me in the face.”

Without much surprise to outsiders looking in, Navarro has experienced problems with Beshaw in the past. 

In the wake of this senseless act of violence, Beshaw faces several charges: third-degree assault on an elderly victim, breach of peace in the second-degree, second-degree reckless endangerment, and risk of injury to a child.

Navarro, on the other hand, plans to return to his station once his bruises from the beating have healed. 

Read the original story by NBC Connecticut at: https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Father-Accused-of-Assaulting-Crossing-Guard-at-Elementary-School-in-Thompson-565434762.html.

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