Malice In the Phoenix Gymnasium Palace

Tensions ran high over the course of the Phoenix Union High School District Coyote Classic championship and exploded into a wild melee between players and spectators during the post-game handshake.

In a report published by AZ Central, there were no injuries and no arrests.

Even though law enforcement didn’t penalize anyone inside the auditorium, the same, however, will likely not be true for the players involved in the brawl. David Hines, the executive director of the Arizona Interscholastic Association, detailed that he was in the middle of collecting videos and couldn’t comment, which means consequences will be doled out to the deserving student athletes following the investigation.

Unfortunately, such behavior—by players, parents, and any other participants in the incident—overshadows Mesa Skyline’s triumph over Laveen Cesar Chavez in the final round of the PUHSDCC, defeating the first-ranked team 63-56. 

Read the original story from AZ Central at:

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