About Education Happenings

No text (or utterance in speech) is explicit; listeners and readers always must participate in restoring what is missing or filling in implications.

-Randy Bomer

Regardless of technological advancements, newly minted standards, curriculum adoptions featuring all the latest buzz words, as well as any other shiny object in the field of education, the information delivered to students has remained relatively stagnant since the first public school bell rang. 

Although the content hasn’t experienced much of a change, the world enveloping our educational institutions continues to morph at an exponential rate. Not a day goes by—so it seems—when tragedy, terrible decision-making, or some unexpected headline doesn’t cock society’s head sideways. In today’s fast-paced times, there is considerable ease in glossing over many of these stories that populate throughout the world, which was the seed for sprouting Education Happenings: a blog compiling a collection of stories from schoolhouses around the globe.

In addition to following the latest news, readers can also tune-in to the Education Happenings Podcast—on either YouTube or Podbean—for a firsthand perspective on the teaching profession with Dave Madden, the host of the show with nearly two decades in the game.

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